Social Advertising

social advertising

Advertisers are constantly looking for more ways to generate revenue from their advertising spend. With online marketing it is easy to measure success by looking at conversions, registrations, downloads, sales and leads.

Social Advertising

No one knows your business better than you. That’s why Acceler8 Media don’t manage social profiles and post on your behalf. However, the business of advertising on social media is complicated, but an area in which we excel.

Social media advertising is a great way to increase business awareness, grow page likes, gain valuable insights about your consumer and importantly, increase your engagement and reach allowing you to develop a strong online Facebook and Instagram community for your business or brand.

Here at Acceler8 Media, we have an in-house Advertising Specialist, who is able to assist your business by setting-up, creating and optimising these campaigns on a daily basis.

Social Advertising

grow your business using social media advertising

Social Media Advertising is one of the only marketing strategies that has the ability to bring in consistent and quick return. Advertising is a crucial element for increasing your social presence. Using social media platforms for advertising is highly effective at attracting fans directly to your social media content and showing your audience what your recent activities are. Facebook & Instagram advertising can encourage certain behaviours and increase engagement, clicks to a website and subsequent sales.

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